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Become independent with a limited liability company

Before the foundation of a limited liability company, various aspects must be taken into account for preparation. We show you the most important points.

Become independent with a limited liability company

Become independent with a limited liability company in Switzerland!

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Checklist - The most important steps before you become self-employed

Tipps from STARTUPS.CH

We show you the most important steps how to prepare yourself optimally for professional independence and what you should consider before you become self-employed. If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact our Costumer Care Centre.

Company name

The company name can in principle be chosen freely, but it must correspond to the facts and not give rise to any deception. In addition, it must be supplemented by the addition "SARL".

Company name limited liability company

Company purpose

You must define an appropriate purpose for your limited liability company in your own words before you form it.

Company purpose limited liability company


Before founding your limited liability company, determine where the registered office and thus the domicile of your company should be located.

Domicile limited liability company

Persons involved

Decide which persons are to be involved in the limited liability company and who is to be authorised to sign.

Persons involved limited liability company

Minimum capital

The minimum capital for a limited liability company is CHF 20,000, whereby each share must have a nominal value of at least CHF 100.

Minimum capital limited liability company

Managing Director and Chairman

Appoint a managing director. If there are to be several managing directors in your limited liability company, a chairman must also be appointed.

Managing Director and Chairman limited liability company

Value Added Tax

The limited liability company is subject to VAT if the expected turnover exceeds CHF 100,000.

Value Added Tax limited liability company

Pension fund assets

It is not possible to make an advance withdrawal of pension fund assets when founding a limited liability company or a public limited company.

Pension fund assets limited liability company

Promotional material

Create your company logo, business cards and stationery.

Promotional material limited liability company

Found it

After you have done everything necessary, you are ready to set up your own public limited coporation.

Found your limited liability company
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Checklist preparation limited liability company

How can I best prepare for professional independence?

Preparation with a limited liability company

Create a business plan limited liability company

Create a business plan

With the free business plan software you can easily and conveniently create a business plan for your company. If you wish, you can then have the business plan checked by one of our specialists.
Find a trustee limited liability company

Find a trustee

Our partner for fiduciary matters is Findea AG. At you can easily and online obtain an offer for keeping your accounts, preparing pay slips, filling out tax returns and many other fiduciary services.

Findea AG is represented by 10 branches throughout Switzerland.
Trust experts limited liability company

Trust experts

It is essential for you to seek advice from an expert on this aspect of the start-up process. Like this you will not forget anything and there will be no problems with the authorities. We therefore recommend the foundation of a limited liability company via
Acquire know-how limited liability company

Acquire know-how

When starting up their own business, company founders usually have questions about the appropriate legal form, liability, company name, AHV/IV/EO, the commercial register, taxes (VAT) and much more.

The experts at STARTUPS.CH will provide you with the basic knowledge on the most important topics relating to the founding of a company in the course "Founding a company".
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